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  • 3 Reasons Google Inbox is Baller!!!

    3 Reasons Google Inbox is Baller


    Google Inbox is a simple, but game changing way to do email. It challenges you to somewhat unlearn what email is and what email should be. Enough fluff… Let’s do this…


    “Done” Emails

    Remember archiving emails? Probably not because most people do not understand what archiving is or does. Hell, archiving gmail is super unintuitive. I have been archiving for a few years now, but only because I took the time to look up explanations of what it was. Google realizes this and has replaced archiving with “Done”. It is nice because it represents the idea that google wanted all this time. You really had to have this mindset of completing emails instead of erasing them into oblivion. I am not sure if marking an email as “done” is any different than archiving it on a technical level, but it feels much more comfortable. I kind of think of it like homework assignments. When you finish homework, you do not just trash it, but instead you put it away for a while. If you ever need it again, then you can grab it, but hopefully you won’t have to. This is how I am with my email. If it is not something I have to deal with, then it is getting marked as done. The email disappears and I do not want to think about it or worry about it unless I absolutely have to. Luckily the email still exists, so I can easily look it up if I ever need to. Basically “Done” email is not deleted, it is not in your inbox, but it is there if you need it somewhere down the road of life. This road is filled with emotions that harness an altered sense of reality, rationale, and altruism. I digress...  


    Snoozing Emails

    This feature is great. This is the alarm clock of email. You get an email, but do not want to respond to it now. You are not going to take the time to create a calendar entry or make a reminder to get back to it, so you Snooze it! Say you get a semi interesting email that you would like to look at when you are less busy, but you do not know what to do with it? That is right, snooze that crap. Say you are being super productive and do not want some half interesting email to get in the way?; Snooze it! Say your in laws are driving you crazy? Snoozing will not help, but life is still better than not having snozing google inbox emails. I think you get my point.


    Pinning Emails

    I will admit, this is almost the same as “Starring” your emails. However, I will return to the beginning of what I started with: Google Inbox is about changing your mindset. If you have had to work in a busy office environment, then you probably have appreciation of using sticky notes. Pinning emails is the sticky notes version of email. The important thing about sticky notes is that they are front and center. You do not pile a bunch of paper over it, but you put it on your computer monitor so you do not forget it. Pinned emails work in a similar fashion in that they stay at the top until you un-pin it, mark it as done, or delete it. You do not have to go looking for a pinned email. It is simple and it works.


    Listen, hopefully this post is simple, straight forward, and to the point; just like Google Inbox. It might be a little intimidating and confusing at first, but it is totally worth the adjustment. It has a baller interface that is clean and easy to use. You can use it as an app on Android or iOS and you can use it on the web. It has made going through email a much more pleasant experience for me and I would highly recommend you give it a shot. It is still invite only, but leave a comment and we might hook you up.