• Why Do I Carry So Many Phones? Because I have a Dream Phone that Does Not Exist...Yet.

    I carry up to 5 cell phones at the same time on a regular basis! The exact number can vary based on what I am doing that day. If I am going to a puppy park, then I am bringing all my devices - I do what makes sense. I even have designated pocket locations to efficiently and consistently carry all my phones around. Sometimes I use a fanny pack! I do not use the fanny pack often, but the point is that I am that cool. I confuse people in general for non-phone reasons, like wearing a bear suit and tackling a guy holding a banana, so having multiple phones doesn't help give the impression of normalcy. Different people on a daily basis ask me “Why do you have so many phones?”


    The simple answer is that no single phone satisfies me. I do not want to carry around multiple phones. I want only one phone that does everything that I desire. This article will help my life because I will use it as a reference to answer this question.

    After using a lot of phones, I know exactly what features would make my perfect phone.  

    Introduction into my dream phone:

    This is my dream phone for Fall 2015. I have put together attributes that are important to me in how I use a phone. I focused mainly on hardware and device features. I did not want to focus on software too much because Android vs iOS is a whole different article I need to write in the future. Instead, the software aspects I will talk about will be mostly specific features and capabilities - not necessarily specific to a particular mobile OS. Many of my desired features already exist on some current flagship phones, but no one phone has everything that I want.

    Disclaimer for Phone References:

    These are phones that are fairly new devices and they have attributes that I want in my dream phone. I have owned and used all of these phones extensively with the exception of the LG G4. I have however still have had some experience  playing with the Lg G4. Certain features may exist on multiple phones, but I will only reference the phone feature that I think is good quality.

    Example: The LG G4 has an IPS display. The iphone 6 Plus has an IPS display. I think that the IPS display on the iPhone 6 Plus is  superior, so I will not reference the G4.

    Example: The fingerprint reader on the iPhone 6 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S6. The fingerprint reader is way better on the iPhone 6 Plus, so I will not reference the S6.

    I will essentially mention the phone(s) that I think represent the feature best. I will also not list any phone name if I do not feel any phone satisfies the desired feature. I will reference phones by putting the name in parenthesis after mentioning the feature.


    Some Features Inspired from:

    (Nexus 6)

    (iPhone 6 Plus)

    (LG G4)

    (iPhone 6 Plus)

    (Moto X)

    (Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge)

    (HTC One M9)

    (Sony Z Ultra)

    and my heart…

    Dream Phone Features



    5.5 inch screen (iPhone 6 Plus and Lg G4)

    LCD IPS (iPhone 6 Plus)

    490 PPI or higher (Nexus 6)


    I have had phones with many different screen sizes over the years. There are many pros and cons to larger vs smaller, but right now I like 5.5 inches the best. However, it must have a small bezel so the overall phone does not feel too big. Also, I do not necessarily care about resolution on phone screens because resolution can be good or bad depending on the screen size. The colors on the iPhone 6 plus screen are awesome and the resolution of the Nexus 6 is awesome. So I would love an LCD IPS display with approximately 490 ppi. Feel free to calculate what that resolution is on a 5.5 inch screen.  


    Power and volume buttons on the right. Power button higher than volume buttons. (Moto X)

    Customizable On screen navigation buttons - no capacitive physical navigation buttons.( HTC One M9)

    I hate the capacitive buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S6. I hate how they look, I hate how they light up all the time, and I hate that people accidently touch them whenever I would hand the phone to them. The iPhone home button is much better, but it creates a lot of bezel space. I want on screen nav buttons!

    I am still open to trying out new volume/power button configurations, but the Moto X has had the most comfortable setup in my experience.  


    IR Sensor:

    Large IR blaster on the top (HTC One M9)

    I wish all tv manufacturers would just use bluetooth remotes, but I need a large IR sensor on my phone until that day comes.



    Front facing, dual speakers (HTC One M9)

    Loud Speakers (Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge)

    I use my phone speakers a lot. I need them to be loud more than anything. The S6 speakers are small, but they get nice and loud. The HTC One M9 front facing speakers are nice because they are great quality and I never have problems with accidentally covering a speaker with my hand when holding it. My dream phone would be a combination of these qualities.


    Charging and Battery:

    Wireless Qi charging (Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge)

    Turbo/Fast charging (Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge)

    20+ hour battery life from a single charge

    3000 mA or higher (Sony Z Ultra)

    Removable/Replaceable Battery (LG G4)

    I did say dream phone, right? I know this might be asking for a lot, but I want all these things for my phone battery/charging ability. I love wireless charging and think that every phone needs to have this in the future. I have loved it since buying the Nexus 4 in 2012. I m glad to see that wireless QI charging is starting to get some traction with mainstream phones.



    20 MP or higher (HTC One M9)

    Simple and Fast Camera UI (Moto X)

    Speed and quality without manual setting config (iPhone 6 Plus)

    Camera Launch Gesture(Moto X) and/or physical button to launch camera

    Physical button to take pictures (HTC One M9)

    Same 20 MP camera on front and back of phone

    Camera does not protrude out the back (No camera bulge)

    I think the camera features speak for themselves. The iPhone 6 Plus still seems to give me the best pictures, but I want the awesome Moto X interface and camera gesture, a higher resolution like the HTC One m9, and then I can be happy.



    Bright flash (Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge)

    Gesture for flashlight on/off (Moto X) or Dedicated Physical Button for Flashlight

    I try to never use my flash for taking pictures, but I love using it as a flashlight. Make it bright, look cool, and give me a really easy way to turn it off/on.


    Durability and Material:

    Military grade durability rating (Sony Z Ultra)

    WaterProof/Water Resistant  (Sony Z Ultra)

    Scratch Resistant

    Material similar to tempered glass (Sony Z Ultra) or (S6)

    I want to feel safe putting my phone on a table without a case. I want to not think that one drop will destroy the phone. I do not want my phone to never turn on again if some water gets on it. I also hate scratches. Please make the phone out of material that does not scratch from normal wear and tear.


    Other Physical Attributes:

    No movement when using on a flat surface. No rocking from curved back - stable. No Camera bulge. (Sony Z Ultra)

    Extremely small bezels (Moto X, LG G4)

    No branding on front or back with logos or names




    Customizable colors for front,  back, accents, engraving (Moto X)

    Custom Logos on back

    Replaceable back (LG G4)


    Thickness (Sony Z Ultra):

    I love how thin and sturdy my Sony Z Ultra feels. I would love to have a my dream phone feel that way. However, I would be willing to sacrifice some thinness to allow other features like long lasting battery and a built in kickstand. I would like the phone thickness to be somewhere in between the Sony Z Ultra and the Nexus 6.

    The Nexus 6 was just a little too thick for a 6 inch device. The same shape was awesome on the 5.2 inch Moto X, but it did not translate well to the larger Nexus 6 in my opinion.



    64 GB ROM or Higher (iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6):

    I still have not seen external sd card implemented in a useful way on mobile devices. I will not refuse external storage, but only if the ROM is high enough. I really do not need 64 GB or even 128 GB, but I like having the peace of mind for long term use. Plus, having a few movies downloaded for offline use never hurt anyone. Is it wrong that I enjoy watching the child’s cartoon Adventure Time?



    Active notifications with front IR sensors that turn on screen (Moto X)

    This is awesome. Check out the video if you do not know what these notifications are like:

    Unlocking Mechanism and Security Options:

    Double tap to wake (HTC One M9)

    Double tap to sleep (HTC One M9)

    Slide to unlock (HTC One M9)

    Active Display (Moto X)

    Fingerprint Reader (iPhone)

    Trusted Bluetooth

    Trusted locations

    Trusted Wifi


    Mobile Payments:

    Magnetic field/Samsung pay capability that will mimic a credit card and work with 95% of vendors (Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge)

    Mobile Payment does not require a balance and can pull directly from account/card (iPhone 6 Plus)

    Mobile payment app launches instantly with payment NFC (iPhone 6 Plus)



    Animations, but super smooth and stable; Especially smooth for home screen, notifications, multitasking windows, opening and closing apps

    Additional software preinstalled can be removed (Nexus 6)

    All app information saved in cloud with a user account

    Customizable keyboard (LG G4)



    Offline Maps Support with ability to lookup addresses and establishments.


    Built in kickstand:

    I sometimes carry around phone stands. Having one built into the phone would be ideal.


    Multi tasking:

    Another reason I carry around multiple phones is multitasking. Even multi-window software features on phones have not met my expectation. There are certain things that having multiple devices will be hard to match in one single device. Watching videos, sending messages, voice searches, music, podcasts, playing games, managing multiple audio levels, and web browsing are all things that need to be improved on in single device multi tasking.  


    Home Screen Auto Rotate Landscape Orientation Support:

    Home Screen landscape orientation options to auto rotate is a must for me (iPhone 6 Plus, Sony Z Ultra). I love it on the iPhone 6 Plus and get disappointed every time I realize it is missing from the Nexus 6.


    Headphone jack location:

    Top Center (Moto X)

    I hate having the headphones at the bottom of a phone. It is not good when I am sitting the phone on its bottom side. It does not work well when I have the phone on a stand, when I am holding it on a table, or when I am using a machine at the gym to hold it in portrait mode. That darn headphone jack at the bottom prevents me from properly standing up my phone in portrait mode and it drives me crazy! Actually, it is just annoying, but you get the idea.


    Broken Screen Replacement (HTC One M9)

    HTC will replace your HTC One M9 for free if you break the screen within the first year. They will also reward you with a discount if you never use the replacement.  


    Unlocked and multiple band support (Nexus 6)

    The same Nexus 6 can be used on Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. It is awesome to have that flexibility.


    Touchless Control (Moto X):

    Being able to do voice commands without touching the phone is awesome - when it works. The Moto X has done it best in the past, but there is definitely room for improvement.


    Built in bluetooth headphones:

    I hate having excess things in my pocket. I am a hypocrite since I carry so many devices. Headphones are something I wish I had on me at all times, but just can’t depending on pocket availability. I want a phone to have small bluetooth headphones that were physically attached and flush with the phone at all times. This would allow them to always be charged, and paired. Imagine bluetooth headphones that you always have, not taking up room in your pocket, not needing to be charged separately, and never needed to be paired. That would be amazing. No phone that I know of has this feature.



    I want to reiterate that I do not want to focus on software, but notes is an essential feature that I have come to rely upon for mobile phones. I have tried most of the most popular notes applications and I do use multiple ones. I love Evernote for writing down song lyrics and recording accompanying audio. Notes on iOS has nice quick simplicity to it. However I have found that I enjoy google keep the most. It is simple, fast, instantly syncs, and has just enough features to keep me coming back.



    I love garageband. As a musician, it is extremely powerful being able to have this ability in my pocket at all times. I know this is not a factor for most people, but my dream phone would have this app.


    Concluding thoughts:

    I know it’s near impossible that any phone this year will have these attributes. There is a good chance that this phone will never exist, but I will continue to hope. 

    Hopefully now people will have a  better understanding when I whip out my iPhone 6 plus, Sony Z Ultra, and HTC One M9 from my pants. My iPhone 6 Plus has 128 GB of storage, is super stable, has garageband, and takes the best photos. My Sony Z Ultra has a huge beautiful 6.44 inch screen that is awesome for video and games, it is rugged, thin, and has great battery. My HTC One M9 is super fast, has a customizable OS, great speakers, and a comfortable size for one handed use.  I will carry these simultaneously and probably future phones until the day that my one dream phone exists. I am going to use this article as reference for future phone purchases. I will kind of make a scoring system based on my wants out of a phone.  I will also use this article as a reference for people to understand that I am not carrying around multiple phones for attention; I just want all the features that currently do not exist in a single phone.  

    I am curious to hear your opinion. Are there any big features that I left out? Do you think any phone in the near future will have most of these desired features? Is there a phone that already meets all your desires? Please let me know your thoughts and feeling towards phones and bear/banana tackles.

     By J.S. Marler


    PS: Here is an awesome video about fanny packs! 


  • 3 Reasons Apple Was Forced Into Encrypting Its Phones

    By J.W.Morse

    Watch Here | Listen Here 

    Recently Apple announced that it would start encrypting all of it’s mobile devices in a very interesting way. Apple has said, “[We can’t] bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data. So it's not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants... [for] data from devices... running iOS 8.” And that is a huge F-you to the US government. And let's be honest; the government has been doing more than saying F-you to tech companies.

    Let me explain:

    As it stands, what we are told is the NSA and FBI needs a FISA court order to request user information from Google, Apple, Yahoo or other companies. FISA was created after the Nixon administration spied on Americans. Out of the 33,949 cases the court has heard since 1979, 11 have been denied.

    That is not a court; that is a formality. And even beyond that, The Fisa Amendments Act of 2008 made it so FISA did not require individualized targets to approve surveillance programs.

    Rep Barbara Lee Makes some good points about the FISA amendment act of 2008 before it was voted on. 

    • Rep Barbara Lee - “I rise in strong... opposition to this very terrible bill. It does not strike to proper balance between protecting national security and preserving our cherished civil liberties. Now I know how important those protections are from personal experience with unwarranted domestic surveillance and wiretapping during the J.Edgar Hoover period. The Government's infamous cointel program ruined the lives of many innocent persons. Others, including myself had their privacy invaded even though the posed no threat to national security. We all remember how Dr. King's family were the victims of the most shameful government sponsored wiretapping. WE must never go down this road again, yet here we are again. This bill undermines the ability of federal courts to review the legality of domestic surveillance programs. It provides de facto retroactive immunity to telecommunication companies. It does not sunset until 12/31/2012. How can we do that? Four years is way too long. A good bill will protect Americans against terrorism and not erode the 4th amendment. This bill scares me to death, and I urge a no vote.”

    This is seriously who we need representing us. But it wasn’t enough:

    • President George W. Push “today I am pleased to sign landmark legislation that is vital to the security of our people. The bill will allow our intelligence professionals to monitor the communications of terrorists abroad while respecting the liberties of Americans here at home.”

    To be honest, I think Bush believed that what he was doing would help, but what we have found out is the government is very good at expanding reasonable liberties beyond their original intention.

    Let me get back to the point; how the government has burnt tech companies. The FISA court is at best a formality. More recently with the Edward Snowden leaks it was revealed that the NSA had been tapping into Google, and Yahoo clouds to collect and siphon unencrypted data traveling between the companies private servers on private lines. What is even crazier is that Google and Yahoo said they had no idea this was happening.

    So to say that tech companies have been burnt is an understatement. Basically, tech companies kept their front door locked, but didn’t worry about their windows on the 2nd floor. Then the FBI comes along and crawls through the window to see if your neighbors left any evidence about crimes they were doing. A warrant was never produced to break into the private house, but supposedly one exists but is classified so you can't see it. Then one day you find out they are coming in your house, So you lock the window, because you don't want the government to know how small your Penis is. It's proportionate to my body size and average to my ethnicity. We have been over this many times Kate, and no this pills aren't working, so we are just going to have to get used to it.

    The government is abusing their power and taking advantage of your privacy without very little legal backing and bringing up very painful issues.

    That is exactly why Google and Apple are encrypting their end users phones and throwing away the key. Because they can’t trust FISA, they can’t trust Congress and they sure as hell can’t trust the FBI or NSA.

    • Jay Strubberg NewsyTech “A Chicago police chief told the Washington Post ‘The average pedophile is probably thinking, I should get an apple phone.’ and on Tuesday a former FBI investigator also writing in the post said the new privacy rules will create needless delays that could cost victims their lives.”

    That is a really good point, and the Director of the FBI actually gave specific examples:

    • “In Louisiana a known sex offender posed recently as a teenaged girl to entice a 12-year-old boy to sneak out of his house to meet this supposed young girl. The predator posed as a taxi driver; he took this young boy, murdered him and tried to alter and delete evidence on both his and the victims cell phones to cover up the crime. Both phones were instrumental in showing that the suspect enticed the child into his taxi and that suspect was sentenced to death this year.”
    • “And lastly I mentioned was it has been used to prosecute, it has also been used to exonerate innocent people. In Kansas data from a cell phone was used not long ago to prove the innocence of several teens accused of rape. Without access to the phone or the ability to recover a deleted video from that phone, several young men could have been wrongly convicted.”

    Those examples are huge, and it makes complete sense to me why the FBI and NSA want access to our data. Honestly, I think they had the best intentions when collecting it I do, but things have gone too far. We are being forced into a corner where we have to take away the power a court has because we cannot trust that court. And because of that, the bad guys will get away, and innocent people will go to jail.

    We all know that freedom is not free. We have to make a choice; do we care more about safety or freedom? Now I know a lot of you are going to say, “Josh what if someone is holding a gun to John Connors head? What will you choose then?” I will tell you right now; I am choosing safety every single time because I love that kid. I am not going to make a rational discussion. I am not going to make the right choice. A nation that thinks like allows small freedoms to be eroded every day. That is all it takes; simple liberties removed for safety and we are on the path to totalitarianism. Nazi Germany was Totalitarian, so a nation that takes safety over freedom risks putting a Hitler in power.

    And don’t think we don’t already choose freedom over lives. 33,000 people die every year from drunk driving. If we forced every driver to take a breathalyzer test before driving, nearly all of those would vanish, but we are not comfortable sacrificing that freedom. Why then, are we comfortable sacrificing so much freedom for fantoms that kill much, much less than drunk drivers?

    To take it one step further, killing people is not the goal of terrorism, it is the means to the goal of dismantling our government and way of life. The truth is, terrorists want us at war with them. The reason is, well, James Madison said it best, “ No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” Officially we have been at war with terrorism since October 7, 2001, but let's be honest, it has been going on a lot longer than that.

    Additionally, what is the end game? When have we won the war on terror? The answer is never. Terrorism has and will always exist.

    We are at a point where we can't trust the court system to provide appropriate warrants. I want to believe in the court system, and I want them to be able to access information for convictions of the worst criminals. I just don't think I can trust the courts to do the job the way that is consistent with our constitutional rights. Closed doors make it a lot easier to bend the rules.

    • FBI Director James Comey - “ I believe that people should be skeptical of government power, I am. I think this country was founded by people who were, who knew you could not trust people in power. So they divided power among three branches so you could set interest against interest. And then they wrote a bill of rights to ensure that the paper and effects of the people were secure from unreasonable searches.”

    I love the sentiment of security, but I do not believe that I am safe from unreasonable search and seizure. I do not believe that my information is safe from the government. The FISA amendment act of 2008 proves to me that the government has no interest in protecting personal information if they feel it is anonymized in bulk data. We are not secure from unreasonable searches.

    • FBI Director James Comey “I suggest that it is time that the post-Snowden pendulum be seen as having swung too far in one direction, in a direction of fear and mistrust.”

    I agree with the idea that we have swung too far in the direction of fear and mistrust. But we have spent our entire lives believing we had a reason to trust. The burden of producing reason for our trust is on you James Comey, and the NSA, and the President. We have reason to mistrust. Give us a reason to trust.

    • FBI Director James Comey - “Some have suggested that there is a conflict between liberty and security. You have to give a little of one to get the other. I reject that framework. I think when we are at our best in law enforcement. In national security and public safety, we are looking to enhance security and liberty.”

    I think Ron Paul can explain this better than me. Here he in the a presidential debate regarding the Patriot Act. 

    • Ron Paul - “I think the Patriot Act is unpatriotic because it undermines our liberty. I am as concerned as everybody is about terrorist attacks. Timothy Mcveigh was a vicious terrorist. He was arrested; terrorism is still on the books internationally and nationally is a crime, and we should deal with it, we dealt with it rather well with Timothy Mcvey. But why I really fear it is because we have drifted into a condition we have been warned against. Our early founders were very clear, they said don't be willing to sacrifice liberty for security. Today it seems to easy that our government and our congress are too willing to give up our liberties for our security. I have a personal belief that you never have to give up liberty for security; you can still provide security without sacrificing our bill of rights.”
    • Newt Gingrich “Timothy Mcveigh succeeded; that's the whole point. Timothy Mcveigh killed a lot of Americans. I don’t want a law that says after we lose a major American city we are sure going to come after you. I want a law that says if you try to take out an American city we are going to stop you.”
    • Ron Paul - “This is like saying we need a policemen in every house a camera in every house because we want to prevent child beating and wife beating. You can prevent crimes by becoming a police state. So if you advocate the police state, yes you can have safety and security and you might prevent a crime, but the crime then will be against the American people, and against our freedoms and we will throw out so much of what our revolution was fought for. So don’t do it so carelessly.

    So that is the choice. How many lives are worth freedom? We sacrifice 33,000 for drunk drivers, but we’re not scared of drunk drivers. We’re scared of terrorists, which is exactly what they want. I believe they want us at war with them for because they know war will continue to remove our freedom. I believe this is more calculated than we think.

    I am honestly scared of the next terrorist attack. Because, and I mean this with as much respect as possible, we only lost about 3000 people from the 9/11 attack. Look at how much freedom we lost for 3000 people. How much freedom would be lose for one million, or even 50? At this point, any terrorist attack would be successful because it would only accelerate the speed at which we give up our freedom, and that is the point of terrorism.

  • CareBears, Gowing up, Sex on the Beach, and Commiting My Life To Failure - 021

    By J.W.Morse
    Edited by J.S. Marler

    As kids we were raised to believe we were capable of anything. I heard it all the time: “You can do anything you want to” and I believed it. I mean, why shouldn’t I? I was taught to believe in crazier things like the easter bunny and santa claus. Plus, I was living in America, the land of the free, where any person has the ability to claim what they can create for themselves.

    You can do anything you want.

    It all sounded so easy in grade school, we were being raised as a generation of astronauts, super stars, musicians, dream makers. On some level anything is possible, but that level feels like it is reserved for the lucky few. Like it doesn't matter how talented or smart they are, at some point they were in the right place at the right time. The reality is that most of our dreams are just beyond our reach.

    I was raised on phrases about how I am “destined for great things” and now is the time in my life when I am supposed to be achieving them. It creates the inescapable feeling that I am letting down every person who saw in me what I can't see today.

    All I want in the entire world right now is to spend a year touring in a band. Living inside a cramped, smelly fifteen passenger drifting from city to city with too little food, not enough money and almost no comfort. Playing shows every single night.That is all I ask one year then the band can break up and we can be forgotten forever. All I want is a year.

    Every day that goes by feels like I am a step closer to never getting that. I hate going to sleep at night thinking that it is just the end of another day where I came closer to losing what I want most in the world.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be too disappointed. We achieved more than most bands.  We played a major festival and got to tour for nearly 6 days. Yet, we only played two shows because the other three (or four) just dropped out on us. They gave us no word, but just disappeared. There we were with nowhere to play and a thousand miles from home for what felt like no reason at all. Still, I loved every second of it. We spent over 10,000 dollars in gas, recording, and merch to play shows that don’t pay. We maxed out credit cards that we still haven’t paid off, and I had the best moments in my life.

    At home the cost left a bad taste in my mouth. How could we possibly play for any extended period of time if we couldn’t even get enough money to cover gas. One week and over $1000.

    I just hate going to sleep because that just means I am closer to that day when I realize there is no chance. That might even be today but I am in too much denial to realize it. I hate being desperate. Desperate enough that I buy lottery tickets and check the numbers actually expecting to beat the odds and win the jackpot. The money, I see it as one of the last possible ways to tour. If we can’t make enough money through touring, then finding any other way to make it happen is all I want.

    I was raised on belief that I can be anything; raised that I was made for great things. Come to find out you and I are just serving those who have greatness and luck.

    when we only have greatness.

    Still, there might be more. Screw the luck and fame; I have no claim to it. I do not expect these words I am writing to be made into anything either. There is greatness in every single one of us. If enough of us do what we love despite soul crushing daily jobs, then we can’t stand to support the respites of passionate expression we have maybe just maybe a few more of us will have greatness that stands apart and will have the luck to do full time what we kill ourselves to do part time in the dead of night when sleep would be wise but our passion will not allow.

    maybe you’ll get lucky.

    Or I’ll get lucky.

    But I kind of doubt it.

    Still that isn’t  a good reason to give up. 5 minutes from now, an hour from now, a day, a year, twenty, at the end of my life I want to look back and know that I used my time wisely. Was I foolish enough to dream or foolish enough to waste my time? Did i cultivate skills that made me happy or did I waste time on things that don’t feed me? Was I trying to become who I wanted to be? or just hoping to become who I wanted to be?

    Maybe the lucky are great and lucky because they never give up. Maybe, even if I never get lucky, I can die without regret.

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  • A 70's Show - 008

    By J.W.Morse


    Show Notes

    This is a little different than our normal show, instead of a review we feature a story from Josh's high school years.

    This gear change is not very unexpected to us, as individuals we are not monochromatic and we don't want our website to be that way, so we are going to focus on creating content that we are interested in, that we find useful.