• Tomb Raider and Crysis 3 Review - 023

    By J.S.Marler & J.W.Morse ////

    What did you think of the games?

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    Tomb Raider
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    Once upon a time there was a man who lived on a hill. He never did much, he did ok in school, got an ok job lived an ok life and died when he was old. The cause of death was old age. If he was the type he would have tried to do something different or at least regretted not doing anything different with his life. Thing was he did not posses the ability to think that way so he died quite happy with how his normal and completely forgettable life turned out.

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  • Movie 43 Reivew - 014

    A quick review for Movie 43 by J.S.Marler and J.W.Morse (who both love abbreviations)

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  • Temple Run 2 Review

    A review for TR2 by J.W.Morse

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  • FarCry 3 Review - 010

    By J.S.Marler

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  • LG 55G2 Google TV Review - 007

    by J.S. Marler

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  • Django Unchained Review - 004

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    Django Unchained (the D is silent) is the newest film by Quentin Tarantino and Quentin stays true to Tarantino’s bloody, violent, end of your seat style. If you have tried other Quentin Tarantino movies and didn’t like them this is not the film for you; even though you are missing out on a wonderful experience this film is not going to change your mind about Tarantino.

    Django Unchained is a story about a slave who is freed by a german bounty hunter. It takes place two (or three) years before the start of the American Civil War. Look I am not going to cut any corners here trying to act like I have anything bad to say about this movie, it is almost entirely perfect the only thing that I have to say bad about this, and trust me it is so small it hardly matters, Tarantino makes a cameo in the movie and he, well he sucks at acting.

    That’s is, that is all that I have to say that is bad about the movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Much like The Departed I had no idea who was going to die, and I honestly cared if some characters died. There are very few movies that are able to get an emotional investment from me and somehow amongst all the hilariously overdone (in a good way) gore I cared about the characters. I have never enjoyed watching white slavers get killed as much as I did during this movie.

    I decided to keep this review short because honestly, stop wasting your time reading this and just go watch the movie because even gimmicky things that I usually hate like zooming in really quickly (the old school kind) works for this film. Even the catalyst that causes all the killing (I am not going to say what exactly it is I would hate to ruin the enjoyment) is a huge stretch and would probably never happen but for some reason it does not bother me like it would in other movies.

    There are only four reasons you should stay away from this movie.

    #1 You don’t like any other Tarantino movies (Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds ect)

    #2 You don’t like excessive blood

    #3 You don’t like hearing the N-word (it is said a bunch, by everyone)

    #4 You like slavery, in which case jump of a bridge because you are a horrible human being who needs to stop breathing the same air as me and the rest of the decent folk on this planet.

    Thats it, stop reading this, go watch Django Unchained.


        - Special Effects 10
        - Story 10
        - Acting 9.5
        - Music 9
        - Set 10
        - Dialog 9.5
        - Characters 10
        - Artistic Direction 9.5
        - Overall experience 10
        - Replay Value 9

      Total Score -  96.5%



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