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  • 8 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a Huge Disappointment - 024

    By J.S.Marler /////

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    Once upon a time I had a lot to drink. Late that night I had to pee, really bad. I did the obvious thing, I peed into a half empty sonic cub beside my bed and resolved to throw it away when I woke up. When I woke up I did not throw it away and being a bachelor I left it there for about two weeks. 

    On that second week my girlfriend came over to help me clean and pack my stuff because my lease was over. As she was cleaning she picked up the sonic cup and the lid popped off and she jerked spilling the cola/urin on herself. I froze and she started laughing. "this sucks," she said "At least it isn't pee." which is of course when I froze for a second before saying "well you say that but..." This was the moment, I had no idea how she would react, anger was logical and obviously I couldn't be mad at her if she did get mad. After a few tense seconds she started laughing again and called me an idiot as she forced me to hug her. There are very few individuals as instantly forgiving as she is and in that moment I knew I never wanted to kiss anyone else.

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